Fiber Optic Lights Guides

engionic Fiber Optics is developing light guides for various applications; from a simple light guide for lightning applications to complex analytic and sensing applications. Depending on the application, different fiber materials like glass, for UV- or IR-range optimized silica fibers or plastic fibers are used. In addition, engionic Fiber Optics offers a wide range of fiber diameters, as well as the option of using single fibers or fiber bundles. To protect the fiber, we offer complete assembly with different hose/tube materials such as PVC, silicone or steel depending on the requirement for flexibility and stability. For light guide connections, we also offer standard plugs such as DIN, SMA or FC as well as special adapters for high-temperature applications or angle geometries.

Additionally to the Multi Mode Assembly, engionic Fiber Optics is offering Single Mode Assembly with FC/APC, FC/PC, LC/APC, optional E2000, SC/APC and DIN connection.

Silica light guide, one channel with
metal hose and FSMA plug

Light guide of glass fiber bundle
with 90° angular head

Single Mode light guide
with LC/APC connector