Individuelle OEM

Regarding OEM sensor solutions, engionic Fiber Optics is offering different co-operation packages:

Performance package 1: Customer-specific sensor development starting from the first idea and resulting in serial manufacturing. Profit from our extensive experience with regard to sensor assembly and volume production

Performance package 2: Customer-specific adaptation of existing sensor concepts of engionic Fiber Optics, that have been developed over the past years. The sensors will be adapted to the customer-specific environmental and technical measuring requirements, will be tested as prototypes and thereafter manufactured in a efficient volume production process

Performance packages 3: Establishment of an efficient and cost effective volume production process for FBG sensors that already have been developed and tested by the customer and that shall be manufactured by engionic Fiber Optics as OEM supplier


FBG Force Screw Sensor

  • The sensor measures and monitors the torque of a screw bolt
  • Allows force measurement > 240 kN with a sensitivity of ~ 17pm/kN
  • Compact and robust design, that can be modified easily to customer-specific installation or design requirements
  • Very long lifetime
  • Easy installation
  • Applications: bridges, buildings, steel structures, airplanes

FBG Vibration / Acceleration Sensor

  • Dynamic FBG vibration sensor or accelerometer
  • Dual ended accelerometer, hence sensitive in two directions
  • Resonance frequency >100 Hz, sensitivity 0,8 nm/g
  • Inherent interference immunity of fiber optic sensors with no electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation problems
  • Completely integrated in-house value chain from the production of the FBG, the manufacturing of the precision mechanics to the assembly and calibration of the entire sensor
  • Production capacity of >5000 pieces per year
  • Applications: wind energy


  • FBG sensor based measuring of acoustic emissions
  • Customer-specific development of hydrophones - from the first idea, the prototyping to the complete industrial series production
  • Sensor development for very challenging / harsh environments and measuring conditions (e.g. deep sea)
  • Applications: oil and gas industry, wind energy, structural health monitoring

Pantograph Systems

  • Force monitoring system for pantograph systems in overhead lines / catenaries
  • High-precision force monitoring despite extremely high electric voltage
  • Very robust design for long lifetime in a very demanding environment
  • Completely integrated in-house value chain from the production of the FBG to the assembly and calibration of the entire sensor
  • Applications: high-voltage environments