• Processing of different fiber materials as a single fiber or fiber bundles (plastic, glass and silica glass)
  • Assembly of single fibers and fiber bundles in cables up to approx. 100m length
  • Single mode assembly with FC/APC and LC/APC connection
  • Production of cross-section converters with slit width from 100µm
  • Manufacturing of angular head arrangements in metal and plastic
  • Production of concentric arrangements with multiple rings
  • Processing of various protective hose materials (stainless steel with and without braiding, plastic, metal, plastic-coating)
  • Processing of metal-coated fibers (Cu, Al, or Au)
  • Bonding, especially for high-temperature applications
  • Crimping
  • Laser welding
  • Ovens for adhesive curing and testing
  • Usage of worldwide leading fs-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings from the market leader and sister company engionic Femto Gratings GmbH
  • High R&D competence for the development of customer-specific sensor solutions
  • Adaptation of existing standard sensor concepts to customer-specific environmental and technical requirements
  • Cost efficient volume production from the FBG manufacturing to the ready-to-use sensor
  • Housing of FBG sensors in a vast range of designs and materials
  • In-house high precision mechanical workshop
  • High precision temperature sensor calibration from -40°C to 700°C
  • Calibration of strain sensors in various designs
  • Connectorization for all common connector types
  • Absolute residue free and highly stable packing of fibers according to customer requirements up to 2m length for high resolution temperature probes, standard configurations with stainless steel capillaries, ceramics and Quarz optional
  • Annealing as well as cabling and jacketing options for long length
  • Broad range of glueing, crimping and welding technologies available
  • Combination of FBG sensors with vacuum feedthroughs
  • In-house design
  • In-house mechanical workshop with conventional and CNC-supported turning and milling technology
  • Production of accessories for the light guide technology such as lens attachments, air-cooled lances, pressure barriers and probes with optical windows
  • Customer-specific development of optical solutions for technical measurement
  • Participation in development and research projects on special light guide arrangements and sensor developments